Privacy Policy Generator

Free Privacy Policy Generator for a Website. If you have a website, you must create a Privacy Policy for it. With the Privacy Policy, Google and our visitors can understand what kind of meaning we take from visitors. Our company shows ads of any company etc. If you want to get Google AdSense ads, you must add a Privacy Policy page.

All blogs need to have a privacy policy. Privacy policy is also preferred by Google, Google Adsense and visitors. With the help of privacy policy, Google can find out about our website. If a bad comment comes to our website, Google understands that it is against our policy and we can delete it. If we delete comments without a privacy policy, Google will not understand why Google needs to have a privacy policy to show why it was deleted.

What to keep in the privacy policy

  • About the Website
  • How your visitors will benefit from you.
  • Don’t know bad comments on your website.
  • You may not promote any other website on your site without your permission.
  • Visitor confidential information is not shared.
  • How would anyone want to contact you?
  • What kind of information can be found on your blog.
  • What can you do if someone breaks the policy rules.
  • How you can help visitors.

How to use Free privacy policy tools

  1. Enter your company or website name.
  2. Enter Your Website URL
  3. Enter email id
  4. Click on Generate Code Buttom
  5. Copy all privacy policy HTML code
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How to add privacy policy in your website

  • Log in to your website dashbard
  • Click on Page >> New Page
  • Enter page Name “Privacy Policy”
  • Pasts your policy text in the body of the page
  • Click the Publish button and go to live your policy